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It took a thousand years to breed bananas. It takes us less than 24 hours to deliver them

Bananas were first introduced to the Western world when Alexander the Great discovered them during his conquest of India in 327B.C. In 1469, the Portuguese recorded their discovery of the banana in West Africa. Fifty years later a Spanish Bishop named Thomas de Berlanga, who also discovered the Galapagos, took them to Panama, where he later became their fourth Bishop in 1534. But banana production started only in 1899 when United Fruit Company started its operations in Panama.

At PSS Maritime Service we won’t let you wait that long to get your fruits! We work very hard to minimize delivery times, by having a large catalog of products immediately available. Orders placed before 10 am will be received on the same day. Buy your groceries online and easily without “going bananas” over the hassle of commuting to stores, and handling the goods.

Save time and enjoy convenience like never before! We guarantee our products’ freshness and timely delivery.