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PSS Maritime Services work principles as a ship chandler

Shipping and logistics are in many ways a crucial aspect of every business and everyone’s daily lives. Who doesn’t benefit from fresh products or a timely delivery?

Unfortunately, this industry is vulnerable to threats such as theft, delays, and material shortages, just like any other.

Luckily, at PSS Maritime Services we know how to redress these risks at every level:

  1. Our operations department team makes sure that all documentation is in order and all customer requests are tended to. We track your order in real time all the way until your order is successfully delivered on board.
  2. Our workers know how to tackle any emergency. We have developed backup plans to ensure that in the case that our primary itinerary may not be feasible, we still have a solution to get you from A to Z.
  3. From farm to fork, our team oversees the sourcing of delicious nutritious Panamanian produce, so your crew can have their food as fresh and fast as possible.

At PSS Maritime Services, we retain the means and the know-how to deliver crucial supplies in an environmentally friendly, safe, and timely manner for our customers. All you need to do is just call us and wait. Your products are already on the way.