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Panama Canal transit fees will remain unchanged

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has postponed an increase in canal transit fees. The price hike was due to come into effect on April 15th, but will now change on June 1st. The proposed changes indicate that the minimum cost per transit reservation will be $20,000 – an increase of 57 % – to a maximum cost of $58,500 – up 167 %.

At PSS Maritime Services we share our client’s concerns. While the price of commuting the canal may be rising, the cost of doing business with us will stay the same.

Our operations will not reflect the price increase that the ACP is proposing. We understand our clients must make tough economic decisions, so we offer reasonable prices.

Most of our provisions are sourced locally, from Panamanian producers, to ensure that you can get the freshest food and beverages possible. We can also supply all the goods required for running a clean, healthy, and happy ship.

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