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By wire transfer, swift, or through your shipping agency in Panama.

We deliver to all major ports of Panama and the Canal, including Pacific and Atlantic anchorage sides.
Here’s the full list of them:

  • Vacamonte
  • Rodman
  • Colon Container Terminal
  • Manzanillo International Terminal
  • Cristobal
  • Charco Azul
  • Balboa
  • Howard
  • Puerto Armuelles
  • Aguadulce

Usually we include all the delivery expenses and port fees when we quote, but in order to know the final price, it is important to let us know at what port is your Vessel arriving. Different Ports have different entrance fees. The fee at Chiriqui Grande Port is considerably higher than the fee at Balboa Port for example.

Usually we ask the order to be placed 3 days before the arrival, but if you have an urgent delivery we can make arrangements to deliver the next day, it depends on how big your order is. We also offer same day delivery for certain products, you can check the list on our website.

Perishable goods are delivered with a valid expiry date. The warranty period is valid for equipment like electro domestics, computers, televisions, etc. and it is determined by the producer.

No, we can provide service to all types of ships including private boats, yachts, passenger and cruise liners, research and military vessels, oil and gas tankers, bulk carriers, as well as fishing and cargo vessels as big as the Panamax and Neopanamax.

We receive your inquiry with the products you need, we respond with a quote, which you can review and change if needed. If you are happy with that, you send us the purchase order and we proceed to prepare your order for delivery. We collect, store and package everything to be ready for the delivery day.

Yes, we offer all of our customers a full bonded supply service. Tax-exempt.

Our strengths

15+ years of experience
2,000+ ships served
15 fully dedicated professionals in maritime sector
Operations in all major ports of Panama

Yes, we have an expert team of handpicked industry specialists who work fast and are efficient and accurate in their execution, besides we supply all deck & engine products needed for technical maintenance and repairs.

Yes, we provide a licensed waste management service. We can take care of general ship-generated waste following Panama Canal and Government regulations.

We are not a shipping agency, however we have necessary connections and access to many top shipping agencies in Panama. We can put you in touch with the right people and the focus on getting the right person for the job.

Yes, on a contractual basis.

Yes we do, you can send your spares to us and we can deliver to your vessels once needed with minimum expenses.

Yes, we offer all of our customers a full bonded supply service. Tax-exempt.

Yes, we can offer a discount, it all depends on the payment terms and order volume.

We carefully review each order of provisions with the chef in charge on board of the ship, to make sure everything is good with the order. All juices and milk come in long-live tetra packs, expiration date 6 months, so you don’t have to worry that your dairy has gone bad during your voyage.

Unless the terminal or the captain has a restriction to get on board for security reasons, our representatives (not the driver) go on board to work together with your crew to check, identify the merchandise delivered, and explain things if necessary.
A lot of times ships may need some additional items or replacement and we try to fulfill this requirement as much as we can.

Work with us


Process order


Assemble and pack order


Deliver to port or onboard



Yes, our clients often ask for special requests on Christmas, or other holidays, as well as ethnic food from different countries like India or Greece.

Yes, we supply Gas cylinders as Oxygen, Acetylene and Nitrogen, plus the safety, antipiracy items and pyrotechnics.

It is 1,460 sq. m. enclosed area with another 600 sq. m. open space so total space 2,060 sq. m.

Also, we have cold areas: a freezer (-10 C), a cooler (+3 C) and a prep room (+8 C).

Yes, we can supply Halal as well as Kosher food. We offer a wide selection of ethnic foods from all over the world, typically from Asian and European cuisine.

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