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PSS Maritime Services is able to source and deliver more than 700,000 items to customers. Inquiry us for a specific brand of chocolate, or general Provisions, Bonded Stores, Deck, Engine & Cabin Stores, Electronics & Office Equipment, Marine Electronics, IT Equipment & Accessories, Fire Safety Equipment, Chemicals, Mooring Ropes, Wires & Cables, Medical Supply.

Owners Goods

PSS Maritime Services offers clients a logistics system for storage and forwarding spare parts. We provide spares storage in our warehouses for delivery as and when required on board. PSS also offers coordinated delivery, meaning spares can be delivered with provisions.

Waste Management

PSS Maritime Services offers a fully authorized licensed waste management service. We will take care of general ship-generated waste following Panama Canal and Government regulations. Inquiry us for further details.

Eco Packaging

At PSS Maritime Services we share your concern about the environment. Eco-friendly packaging can be easy and no, it does not necessarily cost more. We are happy to offer an alternative to our clients to use recyclable/recycled/biodegradable packaging materials for delivery.

Category Sectors We Serve

Salvage Tugs
Research Vessels
Dredging Vessels
Naval Vessels
Ferries & Cruise Ships
Container Ship
Bulk Carriers

Commercial Fleet & Merchant Vessels

At PSS Maritime Services we provide services to a broad spectrum of vessels regardless of size including large container vessels, roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro), smaller container feeders, bulk carriers, oil and gas tankers, and all types of freighters.

We deliver general ship supplies, marine equipment, and spare parts to our clients at all ports in Panama, including Pacific and Atlantic anchorages sides.

Our company has a true understanding of the maritime industry necessities, we create solutions that deliver value to all participants while taking out unnecessary costs.

Our services and broader products portfolio allowed our clients to see us like their ONE STOP SHOP to meet all their requirements.

Cruise & Yacht

Our services are provided from the largest cruise vessels in the world to the smallest private luxury yacht cruise lines that pass through the Panama Canal.

At PSS Maritime Services we understand the hectic nature of the cruise shipping industry. Our commitment to excellence allows us to specialize in handling the cruise industry’s unique needs. With a small window of time for loading provisions when a ship docks in port, we understand that on-time supply deliveries are crucial to the success of the cruise industry and the satisfaction of its customers.

PSS supplies high-quality fresh, frozen, and dry provisions, a big range of bonded stores, cabin deck & engine stores, IT equipment & accessories; fire & safety equipment for the cruise and yacht industry to help our customers maintain safe and seamless operations of their vessels.


Not only commercial vessels but also military vessels of all nations use the Panama Canal to move forces from ocean to ocean.

At PSS Maritime Services we deliver with prompt response provisions, cabin, deck & engine stores, as well as marine electronic, IT equipment & accessories, fire & safety equipment to any port in Panama, including Pacific and Atlantic Anchorages sides, supporting you where you need us the most.


Hundreds of fishing vessels pass through the Panama Canal each year to shorten their voyage. PSS Maritime Services provides them with the best quality of products and services at the Pacific and Atlantic Anchorages sides.

We supply all varieties of fishing boats, from big trawlers to fishing charters with provisions, bonded stores, marine, and cabin equipment, scuba diving and fishing gear, deck, engine stores, and more.

Shipyard New-Building & Dry Docks

Shipbuilding requires quick and on-time delivery of raw material, equipment and tools.  This is why PSS Maritime Services is available 24/7 to supply you at the Balboa dry docks in the Pacific site.