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Product categories and vessels we serve

We are able to source provisions and equipment and provide logistics for the delivery onboard, whether the ship, big or small. From large container vessels to small private luxury yachts, from bulk carriers to oil and gas tankers, if it floats, we’ll service it.
Our catalog has over 700,00 items, many of which are available on the same day of order.

Our fresh selection of groceries and popular beverages will satisfy the most unique tastes and those that are easy to please.

The situation around the world dictates one to care about the health: take a look at our medical supplies. From first aid kit components to personal protective equipment: gloves and masks etc. We have the means to keep your crew protected, no matter the threat.

We also have every ingredient required for keeping a vessel clean. We know how vital it is to maintain a clean ship for the sake of the crew. A clean ship is a healthy crew.

The only thing that matters is the huge amount of attention we place on every detail of every order. At PSS Services no order is too big, too small, too fresh, too safe, or too clean. Our powerhouse of a team will help you get to your destination with all the products and services one could need.